Wyatt Bushnell


Wyatt Bushnell has eight years of experience building immersive games and arcade attractions. He has built attractions for amusement parks in the Middle East, for Dave and Buster’s, Great Wolf Lodge, and Two Bit Circus.


Mike Salyh


Mike Salyh has been developing innovative games for over seven years, with a focus on data-driven design. He has worked as a game designer for Disney, Zynga, and Two Bit Circus, where he designed the top-performing attraction “Space Squad”.


lou kaufman

Creative Director

Louis Kaufman is a video game artist. Previously he worked on Nickelodeon’s R&D team to create a new pipeline for rendering cartoons in real time. He also worked on the award winning VR experience The Walk VR as well as the indie hit Friday the 13th the Game. When he’s not pushing polygons he’s in the woods with a sketchbook and camera.


Max Schaefer

software engineer

Max Schaefer is a student at Arizona State finishing a degree in Applied Computing. He has been working on video games since high school, where he built a mini game for Great Wolf Lodge's Clubhouse Crew.